Our firm has more than three decades of experience in the Atlanta market and our partners and principals contribute a variety of backgrounds in various disciplines. At AgeeFisherBarrett, LLC, you will find not only Certified Public Accountants, but also Chartered Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, Personal Financial Specialists and Certified Valuation Analysts.

Founded by Edward Agee and Jack Fisher in 1981, the firm has grown to become successful and cutting-edge. As a result, AgeeFisherBarrett, LLC, has become a well-established Atlanta based, full service CPA firm now serving local, regional, national, and international clients of varying size.

We describe our practice as traditional because we place great emphasis on building strong professional relationships with our clients. This is achieved through constant interaction and consulting. Through use of a proactive approach, we work diligently with our clients to identify problems and areas of opportunities.

Indeed, we take pleasure in noting that many of our clients have undergone periods of significant growth, and during these times they have relied upon our advice and counsel.

However, while we describe ourselves as traditional, we are by no means typical in the standards to which we hold ourselves, the nature and geographic reach of our practice or the resources we can call upon to service our clients’ special needs. Our firm’s quality control standards have been adopted from those utilized by the largest national firms. We submit ourselves, as members of the SEC Practice Section of the AICPA, to tri-annual peer reviews to review our quality control procedures.

Our practice services corporations and individuals in a wide range of industries, including a specialization in the attest and taxation functions relating to distribution businesses. Additionally, our firm works with a diverse range of clients, including companies in wholesale distribution, manufacturing, retailing, real estate, professional service, and finance. Approximately 50% of our business is derived from audit and other attest services and 20% derived exclusively from process advisory services. The remainder of our business consists, primarily, of taxation planning, compliance and other services.